Best art for screen printing…customers just don’t understand!

Screen printing is a unique style of printing by having to reverse the art to make a negative to create a screen. This makes the type of art critical to getting a good screen image for t shirt printing.

• Here is what is required for our process at Rocky Road Printing Vector Art – Common files extensions for this type of file include .ai, .eps .cdr
• Resolutions should be greater than 300 dpi at initial creation of .pdf file.

The type of file you submit is also an important factor in determining whether a commercial printer can successfully print your layout. High-resolution Adobe PDF files are universally accepted by commercial printers.

Common factors that prevent a layout file from being Print-Ready include…
a) Document sized improperly.
b) Colors set to RGB instead of CMYK.
c) Spot colors not properly defined.
d) Not allowing ample margins (putting information or borders closer than 1/4” from any trimmed edge).
e) Resolution not high enough (should be minimum 300 dpi at 100% size).
f) Bleeds not set up correctly (artwork should extend at least 1/8” past crop marks).
g) Crop marks missing or incorrectly placed.
h) Missing fonts or images.
i) Poor contrast between text and background.
j) Spelling and grammar errors.

Art that is not print ready is Raster Art – Common file extensions for such files are .psd, .tif, .jpg, .gif and .png. These file are not print ready and require modification before ready for screen printing. Most screen printers charge an art fee for these types of files.

In today screen printing competitive market most screen printers are fixing customers art with no charge. This is costing them money due to the time consumption involved to fix bad art.